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What To Expect
Another El Dorado County solar company might subcontract their installations, but not at  SolarHut. We do all of the work ourselves, from pre-engineering and permits to installation and  maintenance. Our team of experts will be with you all the way—our top priority is making sure  your solar panels are affordable and operate at peak efficiency.
SolarHut provides full maintenance services, no matter who installed your solar array. If any  repairs are needed, we’ll ask for your approval before we proceed.
Don’t just lease—Own your solar panel system! SolarHut offers customized loans with  financing options of up to 25 years on all solar projects. Our energy consultants will work with  you to design a solar power plan that meets your needs, fits your budget, and saves you  money.
We provide solar power solutions for all types of residential, commercial, nonprofit facilities.  From single-family rooftop installations to large-scale, ground-mount arrays, our solar experts  will help you meet your energy needs.
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