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Title 24 California Solar Mandate 2020
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California Solar Mandate 2020: Home Requirements


California’s 2020 Solar Mandate requires all newly built homes to install solar photovoltaic systems. These requirements are based on the floor area of the home and the climate zone. There may be exceptions to the mandate, like property being too shaded or having too small a roof to install solar panels.

However, there are six types of exemptions:

1. If there is limited unshaded roof space (less than 80 adjacent square feet) because of trees or nearby manmade structures, no PV is required.

2. If there is inadequate space on the roof, you can install smaller PV panels with no less than 1.5 Watt DC per square foot of floor area.

3. If there is insufficient roof space on a two-story building, PV production should be no less than 1.0 Watt DC per square foot of floor area.

4. Similarly, three-story buildings with inadequate roof space can install smaller solar panels with no less than 0.8 Watt DC per square foot of floor area.

5. Plans approved prior to January 1, 2020, the PV size can be accommodated by the effective annual solar access available.

6. If a battery storage system is installed, the required PV sizes may be reduced by 25%

Our experts understand all the Title 24 requirements and exceptions, and we can help you find a solar solution that meets the Building Standards Code and also fits your budget. Our energy consultants will work with you to design a solar power plan that meets your needs, fits your budget, and saves you money. Additional incentive funding is also available for qualifying ADUs.

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