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What Customers Are Saying

We wanted to say we are very pleased with the Magnum Energy Battery Backup System you installed. We have the confidence the system will support us in case of emergency. SolarHut is well represented by both sales and installation and we appreciated the level of detail you went into understanding our needs, and applying them to the system. You were prompt, communicated well, and understood your systems. We also appreciated the time spent reviewing the system, its’ components, and how it works.

- Bill and Robin

Once we decided that we were going to install solar at our home we began the search for the contractor that would work the best with us and provide the best solution. We contacted two other contractors besides Solar Hut, one from Sacramento and the other from the foothills. The Sacramento company got ruled out quickly when they were trying to get us to buy 2 year old products at basically the same cost as what we could get for latest generation. So that left it to the two foothill companies.

Luke at Solar Hut became our choice because of their flexibility to look at a solar panel that I heard was good (Suniva) and their willingness/preference to install Enphase individual inverters. I believe Solar Hut will even continue to offer the Suniva Solar panels that I installed to future clients. The other company was not as flexible. They would not install Enphase and downplayed Suniva, which is why they were eliminated.

An added complexity to my installation was I wanted it installed on my metal shop building, which faces south. Luke encouraged me to check on the permit for the shop which I found was not permitted to have electricity inside or attached to it. This came as a surprise because when I bought the place, it already had electricity inside and PG&E had run the Main feed for the house to this building (which is against building code). Luke took some of the stress of this off my plate by finding an engineer and managing the whole process of getting the building permitted correctly.

Ben was the installer on the project and he was professional, very informative and did a rock star job on the installation. My wife is happy because you can’t even see that we have solar panels, however the techie side of me wishes I could see it. At least the Enphase inverters come with a monitoring system that allows me to see how my solar array is performing, and yes there is an app for that as well.

I would recommend Solar Hut to any of my friends without hesitation.

- James & Debbie

I met Luke when looking into solar and specifically at SunPower panels. We spent several sessions reviewing the alternative panels, the various options for color, profile, and installation.

After much review, Luke recommended panels from Sharp. The ratings were similar to that of SunPower, however, there were other options that improved the aesthetics, which was important to my wife wife and I.

Sharp also had a mini-inverter system versus a loop system, and since our home backs to a golf course, this was important in case a golf ball damaged a panel. Sharp also had a great financing program.

Installation was less than a week, and Solar Hut’s installer, Grant, was terrific. He is a general contractor, did terrific work and I have recommended to friends for other work.

I have recommended Solar Hut to friends, and one has since had solar installed through Solar Hut as well.

- Bob V.

We were about to give up finding a Solar Company we could trust and have confidence in – when came along Luke Miller and SolarHut.

After listening to “salesmen” from several companies, it was so refreshing to deal with the owner of the business – and someone who really know what he was talking about.

Luke gave us a thorough (and very interesting) education about all things solar before he even asked what we were considering. After explaining all the options to consider, we selected the type and size our system. From that point on, Luke took care of everything.

We could not be more pleased with the result!

Luke and his crew are not only highly skilled professionals, but are also great people who are a joy to be around. They always went the extra mile to be sure we were happy with their work. For instance, when the installation was underway, Luke and Grant decided the placement of the panels would be more esthetically pleasing if some of the roof vents were moved. They relocated – and improved – the vents at no additional cost.

The finished product is a tribute to the excellence found in every facet of Luke Miller’s operation.

- Ed & Manya S.

I am very pleased with the output of the new panels!

Our bill for May was about $35.00, and that is with the Nissan LEAF! Last year was $95.00.

Love the solar!

Luke and the staff were great. I’ve listened to a few used car salesmen and ill informed solar experts before calling Solarhut. Luke was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and defiantly not pushy. Ben did the installation when it was 107 degrees, must have been much hotter on the roof. Total of 60 days from the time I said OK to the installation of my NEM. Don’t mind getting my PG&E bill now. Thanks Solarhut, Luke and Staff.

SolarHut put solar on my business. They did a wonderful high quality job and I am reaping the benefits every day. I have one of the only Sacramento Area Sustainable Business designations in El Dorado County. SolarHut has also added on to my system for even better results. They provided excellent communication and excellent service. I came out of my SUV with an average monthly gas bill of $400 and into a full electric car with a quick charger at my office. My PG&E bill for the month of July was $3.42!!! OUTSTANDING! The month of June was $ -9.45-super cool!I will always recommend SolarHut!

I had been toying with the idea of installing solar going on 5 years. The main reasons keeping me from moving forward with the idea were my perceived hassle in the process as well as determining if it was actually a cost effective decision.

Now that I’m several months with solar, the only question I’m asking myself is, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” From an economic standpoint it seems to have made great sense. I’ve added an electric car to the mix and have done very little to change my energy habits, yet the electric portion of my bill has consistently been a very small fraction of what it had been historically.

What I appreciated most working with Luke and Meghan as well as the rest of their team at Solar Hut was their ability to make the process seamless to me. From getting approval from my association, to helping me understand the transition with my electric company to the installation itself, I had not one issue or concern.

I’m ecstatic about the almost nonexistent electric bill. Having such a great experience with such a complicated process is very rare in my experiences, but that’s exactly what it was with Solar Hut. If I had to repeat the process, I wouldn’t hesitate to go with Solar Hut.

- Dean Barbera, Chief Operating Officer, Softcom Internet Communications, Inc.

Thanks again for making this such a quick and easy process. I’ll be referring you to my in-laws and neighbors.

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